Change. Deeper. Smarter.


We face environmental, social and economic crises. Why does it still feel like business as usual? Why aren’t Organisations Shifting? What will it take?

Change is everywhere. Deep Shift is nowhere. The management revolution is now here.

Transformation is happening. But not deep, fast or widespread enough. There is plenty of talk about it, and the need for it. There is a buzzing upsurge of pioneers doing work smarter. There is plenty of reorganisation. And change fatigue. Deep shift is hard. There is cultural inertia. There is climate urgency. There is burnout. There is change failure. There is complexity. There is will. There are solutions.

With urgent patience… how do we work smarter?

Building alliances for collective impact

The task

  • 69% of employees aren’t engaged
  • 98%of UK employees are impacted by stress
  • 70% of change programs fail
  • 20% say employers failing to tackle climate change

Sound like you?

Staff who care
Are you an activist in your place of work? Fed up? Involved in or impacted by a change program? Have ideas that go unheard? Need allies or support

Change agents
Mavericks, outsiders, the keen, future thinking, the determined, advocates for business that behaves beautifully.

Passionate about building healthier and happier organisations, that function well for customers and stakeholders? Keen to share and collaborate?

#OrgShift is a call to action: We can do better

“Just as the combined efforts of the powers-that-be in the 16th and 17th Centuries were unable to halt the progress of Copernicus’ Revolution in astronomy, so also today’s big hierarchical bureaucracies, though seemingly all-powerful, will ultimately succumb to the power of a better idea for running organizations—better for customers, better for employees, better for managers, better for society, and better for the organizations and their investors.”

Steve Denning, Forbes: The Copernican Revolution In Management


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