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Is there a better way to organise work to make people happier and more productive?

Posted 6 August, 2015 · Add Comment

Unfortunately I had to pull out of an event this week named ’Why aren’t organisations shifting?’ by Caterfly .

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For quite a while now I’ve been interested in the idea that organisations can work in a different way from our traditional command and control top-down hierarchy. Two approaches which appear to be gaining popularity and visibility are ‘Holocracy’ developed by Brian Robertson and ‘Sociocracy’ developed by Gerard Endenburg in its modern version, although it’s roots go back to the late 1800s.

Both these approaches argue there is a better way to organise work as the current system isn’t working with vast numbers of employees not being engaged,  happy or that productive at work.

In this post there are links to three videos – the first two are introductions to Holcracy from its founder Brian Robertson this one is over an hour long so gives a fairly in depth overview and there is also a TED talk available here.

The last video is Gregg Kendrick being interviewed on sociocracy .

If you know of any organisations that are doing things differently with positive results we would be keen to hear about it.

Image Credit: Holocracy.org & YouTube

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